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Mastering digitization successfully.

„Lernen ist Erfahrung. Alles andere ist einfach nur Information.“

Albert Einstein

Holistic advice

After decades of experience in a wide variety of industries and IT positions, I had contact with various consultants. Often the collaboration left a picture that was inconsistent for me. Often the operative knowledge was missing, I was mostly told what I already knew or even was served from an old fund - newly pimped up - that other customers received, too.

That was not the individuality that I wanted and that is an important USP. It should be holistic, individual advice and support. With knowledge from practice on all topics that we encounter on the way in the digital transformation. That was the goal - and at the same time SummaCon was born.

Summa (lat) "holistic" and Consultatio (lat) "advice"

Who we are

Holistic IT consulting

Gegründet als Einzelunternehmen, entstand ein durch enge Kooperation mit erfahrenen Partnern branchenunabhängiger Verbund, der Kunden in allen Digitalisierungs- und Organisationsbestrebungen zur Seite steht. Erfahrung in Finance, HR, Risk/Compliance, Werbung und Personalbeschaffung runden unser Bild als gesamtheitlicher Dienstleister ab.

Technical know-how

We stand with decades of actual, tried and tested knowledge on a stable foundation. Primarily, we are at home in the payment, automotive, IT service, data center and Aerospace Industry.

Agile process models

A common system of ethics and values ​​is the guiding principle, that accompanies our customers as neutral as possible in their processes and enables us to adjust topic and project changes in an agile and fast way.

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